Try creating a website yourself. For this you need knowledge on the websiteto stroeniy, programming languages (HTML, Java, MySQL, etc.). Learn and graphic editors (at least Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw) to create original user interface elements website. In addition, will need some auxiliary programs (for example, to create a gallery, etc.). After you mark up your website, register the domain name of the second level and find the optimal hosting option, you will have to take care of its filling with a unique content. So the costs – monetary, and time – will be quite significant.
Use one of the constructors sites (free or paid). However, the domain name assigned to you will be only the third level. Although some sites, even with the same name is quite popular among users.
To create your page using the designer you need to register. Enter one of the portals and design a websites. Click the "Register" button, enter your email address, your name and surname, password, nickname (in Latin letters), date of birth, gender and place of residence. Click on the "Create account". Please refer to your email to activate it. On the administration page of websiteom and click on "Create website". Enter the desired name for the siteand select a domain. Click on "control Panel websiteom", enter a name, select a language, a template design and the required modules. After that you will only pick up good content. However, the disadvantage of any of the designers will be the constant presence of unwanted ads that will disturb both you and your visitors.
Please contact one of the online agencies that offer services to create websites. Fun is not cheap, but you'll be able to choose original and not the template, to install only the banners that you need, and, ultimately, will be able to unleash it. A popular site in Kazakhstan is profitable twice. In accordance with the government programme for the development of the Internet and the domain .KZ, visited resources may qualify for full support. Including free hosting, help in the further promotion and filling content.