Advice 1: How to unblock Internet Explorer

Launching the browser can be limited to the account settings, it is also the cause of blocking can be different viruses and malware. First, you need to determine what is stopping it to run.
How to unblock Internet Explorer
You will need
  • - an antivirus program;
  • - access registry editor.
If for any reason the opening of Internet Explorer, the restriction imposed by the administrator of the computer, check whether you have access to the registry editor of your operating system. To do this go to menu system tools "Run" in the start menu and type regedit in it, then you should see the editor window. Go to the directory edit the settings of the browser, using search in the editor with the keyword Internet Explorer.
Unlock it to run by editing the values in the original. Please note that often the editor is also limited by security settings. In this case, you can circumvent this restriction by calling a reference that opens when you press F1 in the browser, and then type Internet Explorer in the opened address of the page that you want to visit.
If running Internet Explorer is blocked by viruses and other malware, you can use the utility Dr. Web Cure IT to clean your computer from them. To do this, go to the official website of the developer with an alternative browser and download the latest version of the program. Run a quick scan, and then delete the found malicious items of your PC.
In the case where you have only one browser, Internet Explorer, and run it blocks malicious programs, start task Manager Windows by pressing Shift+Ctrl+Delete and then click running processes. Complete found the processes that belong to malicious programs, writing their names.
After this, run the registry editor of your operating system and go to search for it using the process names as keywords. Remove entries created by malicious programs will also follow a normal search of files with such names on your computer. Start Internet Explorer and download an antivirus program and an alternative browser.
Useful advice
Use antivirus program that also scans the network.

Advice 2: How to install Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is a program designed for viewing and processing data on the Internet. To install it on your personal computer, you must either purchase the installation disc or download the latest version from the Microsoft website.

To do this, go to the website and click the link "Download Internet Explorer". In the opened window, choose the language and installed on your computer operating system. As a rule, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. Older operating systems Internet Explorer does not support. When all preliminary matters are completed, in the next window, choose the location on your hard drive where you saved the installation program. Click on the "Save" and expected the end of injection of the browser. Its size is small, so the waiting time will not take more than 5 minutes.

To install Internet Explorer correctly, go to the folder with the downloaded distribution and find the file with the. EXE extension. If the operating system on a Windows XP computer, the file will be named IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU if Windows Vista then IE8-WindowsVista-x86-ENU. Run the installation by double-clicking.

In the window that appears, Microsoft will offer to participate in the program to improve the browser. You can choose any option – either accept or reject. Then the installation program prompts you to download the latest Windows update and check a previously installed version of Internet Explorer. If in the previous versions of the browser, when the user wants to install Internet Explorer on their own, had no opportunity to refuse the update check, starting with the 8-th version of this part of the installation process can be skipped. If the operating system have not been updated, it is better to take advantage of this opportunity, as Microsoft trying to protect users against computer viruses, releases updates to fix errors in the system.

After the stage check and download updates you will need to restart the computer. After reboot, you can launch Internet Explorer for the first time. Will appear the installation wizard, which will be implemented by the browser setting under requirements and user requests. You can choose either the default settings or adjust manually. It is preferable to choose a standard, because in the future it will be possible to make adjustments, picking them to suit your tastes and preferences. If the computer was previously installed Internet Explorer and the user has worked with it on the Internet, the new version will offer to automatically transfer all the settings.

Advice 3: How to unlock seat belts

Modern cars are made keeping in view the increased requirements for security of operation. Various stabilizing the movement of the nodes, seat and belts security. It has long been no surprise to the motorist. However, not all think about the fact that in addition to providing security, these nodes can deliver and nuisance. For example, operation of lock in an emergency. How to unlock the belt, if you have an accident.
How to unlock seat belts
You will need
  • High self-control, a minimal set of tools at arm's length at the time of driving (knife, screwdriver, pliers, wire cutters). Perhaps all this together and need to break free, but all the same it is better to err.
So, work the lock strap security. Strap security may be prevented only in two cases: the fault of this site, or emergency. Assess the situation and determine the time within which you must escape.
If it's a technical problem, go to your service center or service station and trust the professionals. Remember, the time you have enough and the best solution would be to entrust the work of masters, not to change the whole system of belts. The fact that the belt system is used igniter that is triggered in an emergency and by taking an attempt self-liberation, you can provoke it to fire. Then you will have to change this expensive unit.
If there is any emergency, you can safely cut the strap or to wait, when you are released. It all depends on the situation and the amount of time that you have to release.
Now in some car models on seat belt safety from attached cutting knife this belt if necessary.
How to unlock <b>belts</b> <strong>security</strong>
Do not attempt to disassemble and repair the mechanism to automatically lock the belt. The technology of this system is the chemical reaction of explosion, which allows to instantly fix you in the seat during an accident, the interlocking belt. Self-repair of this unit may lead to quite serious injuries.
Useful advice
Since the straps are made from a fairly durable material, it is best to have a handy tool that can easily cut the strap. This will save you a reasonable amount of time or even save his life.

Advice 4: How to unlock TV channels

It happens that a well-functioning television receiver suddenly stops showing any channels. The reason lies in the lock. Note that the system usually is protected from unlocking and hacking. Use only legitimate methods.
How to unlock TV channels
First of all, consult the professionals who deal with these issues and can give advice on the Internet online. This will simplify the task and reduce the possibility of making mistakes. If you are not afraid to deal with the problem yourself, call for help professionals satellite TV operator, ready to come at your first call. Information of this kind you can always find on the operator's website and in Newspapers.
Now you need to determine the services of any satellite TV operator you use. Without this it is impossible to do the unlock. Currently, the most popular is the "Tricolor" and "rainbow". Remember that the satellite channels you can watch by connecting the receiver installing and configuring a satellite antenna. There is a certain package of free channels. To view the other (pay) channels have to pay to unlock the signal.
Please note that any such system is equipped with a special protection that resists cracking. That is why to unlock you must obtain special keys. You can buy them from the operator of satellite television or on the radio at points, distributing legal goods. These keys will give an opportunity to see virtually any pay-encoded channel, but in trial mode. If you want to get this channel on the subscription, required the purchase of special cards.
The only way a full legal unlock signal to purchase a special card to access a set of channels. You can buy it through the Internet, and also in the office of the satellite TV operator. Sometimes these cards are sold with it. The cost of such cards is usually small. For example, the operator "Tricolor" on more than 100 channels, for a year's subscription costs only 600 rubles.
In addition, you can log in to your personal account on the operator's website and choose a package of channels or even individual channels independently. This will protect you from unauthorized programs that contain viruses. After you select a new package or individual channels, the receiver needs to be restarted.
Useful advice
Do not use questionable and illegal methods. This can not only lead to complete blockage of your receiver, but also to initiate criminal proceedings.

Advice 5: As in 1C, to unlock all objects

To unlock all objects in 1S usually required when the error "command is required to unlock all objects". This error can occur in two cases: when downloading configuration file to a slave node of a distributed database and startup configuration file in an information database in which it is forbidden to change the configuration. Let us consider both cases.
As in 1C, to unlock all objects

Error loading configuration file slave node of a distributed database

The configuration of the slave node is updated automatically during data upload from the main site. Trying to update the configuration manually, we get the error "command is required to unlock all objects". The configuration of the slave node may need to be updated when the error occurs, "To execute the command you want to unlock all objects. In this case, you must upload the configuration file from the master node, and then disconnect from exchange of subordinate database. In the subordinate base Configurator to load the configuration file, it is in any case impossible to use the Association database. Then re-connect the slave node to the exchange and execute exchange of data.

Error loading the configuration file into a data base that doesn't allow changing configuration

All of the standard configuration 1C are set to their default settings support banning any configuration changes. These settings guarantee download updates supplied by 1C. But, unfortunately, typical configuration quite often cannot take into account all the nuances of a particular company and needs some refinement. Changes in the process of finalizing, it is sometimes necessary to move them to other bases. This may cause error To execute the command you want to unlock all objects. This error indicates that the current database settings forbid to make changes to the configuration, and to make these changes, you must unlock all of the configuration objects. This can be done in two ways: unlock the objects with conservation of support, if you intend to download the updates for standard configurations and removal from the support if the download updates in the future will not be held.

To unlock with the conservation support needed in the Configurator to open the configuration, then select Configuration – Support - set the support. In the opened window click "Enable changes" and install on all the objects configuration mode "is Edited preservation support."

For removing the support configuration you need to perform the same steps, but in the settings Windows support click the "Remove support".
After performing these steps, it becomes possible to download the configuration file with the changes without errors.
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