Push down with your thumb on the base of snap. Lift it up so that the hole for the stamp pad was with the handle at the same level. To pull out the ink pad, push it with the index finger of the other hand. Apply to the center and the edge of the pillow a few drops of ink. Don't overdo it: if you add a large number ink stamp is smudged.
Remove the excess ink with a paper towel. Insert the ink pad into the snap-in, aligning the bottom edge of its handle with the top holes of the stamp. Before using the print wait 15 minutes to absorb the ink across the surface of the stamp pad.
Fill flash printing, using a dedicated knife. Removing the retaining ring with snap-in print, insert a knife into the hole located on the external side of the press, and take it apart. To update ink monochrome print, apply the paint using a special syringe smooth layer of 1 mm on the reverse side of the plates, installed on a cushion.
Repeat the refilling procedure 2 more times until absorption of the first portion of the paint. After 30 minutes remove excess do not soak the paint by blotting the pad cloth. Collect print, sequentially installing a shock-absorbing cushion, plates and fixing ring. Fill cliché multicolor flash printing only on the front side. For each paint, use a separate syringe. Gently apply an even layer of paint on each color sector of clichés to avoid mixing colors.