The size of the content required video file can greatly exceed the size on diske, which is designed to record a particular movie. But thanks to the many good software products, which are largely similar to each other, this problem can be resolved. Simply open the desired movie in such a program and after a few clarifying queries and answers, pre-built operating parameters of the program, as well as a certain amount of time, he "redesigns" (change in size).
Some tools that are specifically designed to compress the film for recording on the disc, have more not less useful possibilities. For example, DVD Ripper, DVD Backup and Ace have the so-called removal of copy protection. Many people know the difficulty when trying to copy the contents of the videodiskand using popular programs such as NERO) - there is a software glitch. Thus there is a system error not gives successfully complete the process of copying the diskand with any film. In addition, as the majority of software of this class, the program can change video format (convert). So it is relatively easy to perform a task to reduce the amount of required film without significant loss of quality.
These programs also allow you to convert the format of any film not only for the quality of the recording on disk, but subsequent repeated viewing on DVD players of various types. In addition, the ability to compress the film for recording on the disc allows you to "place" a few such media files on the same removable media. It's kind of saving time and money. In addition, there is an opportunity for personal self-actualization.