Advice 1: How to record a program via Internet TV

Viewing different TV programs through the computer has become quite common. However, the technology has gone further: now you can not just watch but also record the required program.
How to record a program via Internet TV
Type in the search query "Viewing or recording programs" "Program for viewing TV". Before you will be presented with a list of sites where you can download your desired program, since thanks to them, users are able to view your favorite channels and programs on your computer and record them.
The download may not be necessary if you have installed Windows Media Center. It is possible to set the required parameters (to automatically record). The program's interface is pleasant enough, you don't have to spend a lot of time to figure it out. Each recorded broadcast will be saved in the folder "Recorded TV" Windows with the extension WTV. However, don't forget to play the files you will need a TV tuner device that connects to a computer via an expansion slot, and also via antenna or cable.
In addition, there is a program TV Player Classic, which allows you to view channels, not only via the TV tuner, but without him. All online TV channels can be broadcast directly through the Internet connection. Only the developers of the software offer users about 1,200 free channels and 20 toll Russian-speaking and 400 international. By the way, for viewing and recording gear does not require the installation of additional software (e.g. Real player or Windows media player). The program supports all Windows versions, including Windows Vista.
The developers of some programs recommend you to view online or recorded the transfer through the TV. The fact is that for much less than that of a TV, monitor can affect the quality of the image. Therefore it is better to connect both devices using the TV-OUT Jack (most of the graphics cards of latest models supports this mode).

Advice 2 : How to record streaming video from Internet

You can use special software to record streaming video from the Internet. For example, if you want to record video from YouTube, use free tools like Freerecorder 5, Debut Video and CamStudio. You will have the ability to save recorded videos to various formats and play them on your smartphone, MP3 player or tablet PC.
How to record streaming video from Internet
Download online and install tools for capturing streaming video. Free software is available at:, and Double-click the icon to launch the installation file and follow the installation wizard instructions. Double-click the launcher file of the software tool to begin his work.
Go to the website you want to use for recording streaming video. For example, if you want to record video from YouTube or similar site, use the search box on the web page to find the video you want to record. Enter a keyword or the name of the desired movie and click "Search". When the web page loads, press "Pause" if you start automatic video playback.
Go back to the program to capture the video and start a tab, "Open recording wizard". Select "Start recording" from the menu. Start the "Capture audio or video from the Internet". Keep in mind that first you should read the instructions on how to capture and record various types of videos.
Open again the web site with streaming video and click "Play" to play it. After a few moments the URL of the streaming video will appear in the box software for capturing. Hover over the URL and click on it with the left mouse button to select it. Press "Create new record". Then click on the "finish"button.
Select the tab in the application menu "After recording convert to...". For example, if you want to convert video in required to view format on your IPod, select "IPod video". Click on "Exit". Check the box next to the option "add to ITunes library" and click "OK". Wait until converting software streaming video in desired format and save the file on your computer.
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