Products return on the day of purchaseIf the cashier knocked the wrong amount that was revealed on the same day, or the buyer returned the item the day of purchase, the procedure will be as follows:- incorrectly embossed or returned check sight the Director or his Deputy, and put on a clean A4 sheet; this sheet attach to the filled form of form of KM-3 on the return the amount specified in the receipt to the customer and all together turn to the accounting Department;- if it is incorrectly stamped the check, then to the above documents you want to add and explanatory in free form from the cashier about the reasons for the error; - "the Journal cashier-teller", 15 graph, reflect paid for the goods accepted back the amount reflected on the receipt, and the amount of revenue for the current day will reduce by the same amount, writing it in the column 10.If the buyer does not return all the goods in the check, and one or two positions, then to cancel it you need to completely, and instead to issue corrected.
The return of the goods after the closing of the changeWhen an error is detected in the check or if the customer returns goods after removing the Z-report, then he check already is not important. According to article 5 of the Federal law FZ-3200-1 dated 07 February 1992, the buyer may return the goods without presenting the receipt. In this case, proof of cancellation of the check will be the preparation by the buyer of the statement, which will include his passport number and name On the issued of the main enterprise cash amount issued cash disbursement slip, which also shows the identity of the buyer. Order filling order (form №KO-2) is regulated by the resolution of Goskomstat №88 dated August 18, 1998.
A void cheque if paying by Bank transferIf the cashier mistakenly knocked a cheque to the division for the cash payments, and had to perform the operation by Bank transfer, the cancellation procedure is as follows:- immediately emboss a proper check on the unit via the Department for work with cash;- the act of returning cash in the form of KM-3 attach an explanatory note from the cashier, and copies of slips of the terminal, which will be confirmation that the Bank had sent more money than in the Z-report;- In the "journal of the cashier-operator" to reflect the actual data. To do this, from the numbers in column 11 subtract the data in column 15.