To install the plugin, go to the website of the software vendor and click on the button "Download" (Download or Install) next to the desired module. Wait until the end of the operation and, if necessary, restart the browser.
Installed plugins can be activated and disabled at your own discretion. To access them in Mozilla Firefox, select the top line menu "Tools" and click in the context menu point "add-on". On the opened page click on "Plugins" on the left side of the screen. You will see a list of all installed modules with brief information on them (status, version).
To obtain additional information about the module you are interested in, click on the link "Details" next to the desired plugin. To deactivate the module, click on the "Disable" button to activate "Enable", respectively. After the enable or disable of a plugin may require a browser restart. In some cases, modules can cause problems with stability or security of the browser. Warnings about this are also contained in the string plugin.
To access the plug-ins in Internet Explorer in the top menu bar, find "Tools" and select menu item "add-ins". In the opened window you will be able to get information and to make all necessary actions envisaged for the installed plugins. To return to normal browsing, click the add-ins window click "Close".
In other browsers the access modules is performed by analogy. If you do not see the top menu bar in the browser window, make sure that you have not enabled full screen mode. To exit, press F11. If the menu bar then appeared, click on the browser pane, right-click and make sure the shortcut menu, set the marker next to the item "menu" ("menu Bar").