You will need
  • - desktop computer/notebook/netbook
  • - installed software "Miranda"
  • - Internet connection
You need download the plugin and unzip it if necessary. Currently, there are over 500 plug-ins that allow you to optimize and make more convenient the usual messenger. You can add plug-ins to display the current weather, e-mail, plugin information about traffic jams and of simple games. The plugins can be found on the official website of the program, as well as on many other sites dedicated to this program.
Copy the files in the directory Plugins located in the folder where you installed Miranda. Most often it is the Program Files folder, which is the folder of the "miranda-im-the version number".
Run "Miranda" and check the settings of the installed plugin. Check the plug-in work if it is installed correctly, the problems with its use should arise. If you can't find the plugin in the list, check if it is running. To do this, select "configure" and then "Modules". If the name of the module option is not used, then the plugin is not running. Tick save settings and restart "Miranda". After restarting check earned if the installed module.
If you have installed the module in the list at all - try to check the reasons why it was not loaded, with VersionInfo of the plugin after setting in its settings the "Show modules that are not loaded" and the plug-in the generated report, try to find possible causes of problems with the installation.