You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
To start download the file bitrix_setup.php, upload to your server and run it by typing in the browser http://имя-вашего-site/bitrix_setup.php. In the opened window click on "New installation". Next, select the desired package and click the "Download"button.
If you have already bought a version of "1C-Bitrix", and you have the key, enter it into the field. Alternatively, you will still be provided a trial version for 30 days, during which they will be able to pay for it. Read the license agreement.
The product installation will occur automatically. After installation, create admin site, typing in a username, password, email address and the name of the administrator. The administrator shall possess the authority to control the website. After you finished to install the system, you can add users, giving them limited rights.
Lock this data in a separate location in order to appeal to them. Using them you log into the administration panel.
Then click the "Next" button, resulting in you will see a dialog Wizard of the site. Select a template for the websitethat matches your design. Then decide the color scheme, enter the name and slogan of your company in the appropriate fields, upload your logo.
A window will open with the services of the website. Clear the check boxes with the ones that you don't want to see on your website. If you wish to materialize on the website only the home page, log in and search, then feel free to remove all of the check boxes.
Click "Install", and then, after the Wizard finishes creating the website, you can click the button "go to website" to continue the work directly on it. The website "1C-Bitrix" is created. Next is the configuration of the mail server.