You will need
  • pencil;
  • - a sheet of paper.
Start drawing with drawing faces: eyes, nose, lips. Of course, man has a light asymmetry of hell, but do not deliberately try to convey it on paper. Remember that such parts as the forehead, nose and mouth with the chin of about equal height. If you drew one eye, go immediately drawing the second – it will be easier than if you start it after some time. Don't draw too close to the eye, between them there should be a distance approximately equal to eye.
Draw cheekbones, and point out your model's chin. If you want to draw the girl intricate hairstyle, remember that no matter how beautiful and sophisticated she was, she should not distract attention from the face.
The first Association that comes to mind at the mention of models, this is the famous 90-60-90. So, starting to draw, mark touches the line of the chest, waist, hips. Remember that the chest and thighs must be of the same size, the waist of the model is two-thirds of the volume of the thighs. Planning the outline of a woman, make sure she was proportional to the relative head. Remember that body length should be approximately seven and a half heads.
Connect the dots S-shaped line. After that you can begin to effective legs. Draw a smooth curve of hips, which will gradually shrink, turning to Shin, give your lower legs the right shape, gradually narrowing them to the feet.
At the very end draw the feet and hands. If you are satisfied with your drawing, trace over the contours more clearly, apply the eyeshadow (for example, you can highlight the hollows of the collarbones or flat stomach), cleaned up the drawing with an eraser if necessary.
If you did not manage to portray your female-models symmetrical faces, draw them standing in profile.