According to the rules of the technical staff is obliged to check the condition of the lift once in two months. In addition, the design of the Elevator is designed so that it has multiple protection from arbitrary fall. But that is little consolation for those who live on the 8th floor or higher, and can not use the Elevator because of his failure.
One way out – Elevator replacement. Modern lifts have enhanced comfort, generate little noise, energy saving. Disadvantage - high cost, from 2.5 to 3.5 million. And as for the new Housing legislation of the Russian Federation (CH. 6 V. 9) "...proprietors of premises in an apartment house bear burden of expenses on the maintenance of the General property in an apartment house" and the Elevator and is thus common property, then all costs of replacement will be borne by the tenants in proportion to the occupied area.
And if the Elevator came in complete disrepair, the decision to replace the lift should be taken at the General meeting of owners of premises. And to attend the meeting should as many people as possible, because voting is to take place. While 23 voted "for" the replacement of the lift, the decision will be considered as positive. All absentee owners are automatically added to the votes "for".
Further, with the written decision of the meeting, please contact your management company or ZHEU. They will cause representatives of the elevators that serves your home. Representatives will hold inspection and examination, will report its decision to the city administration, which will also check the condition of your Elevator.
If your lift is recognized unsafe for operation, the house will be included in the programme for the replacement of elevators in your city, which involves a partial co-financing of the purchase and replacement of the Elevator. In another case, homeowners can have the required amount (purchase price and installation, you will inform the representatives of Elevator service) and to enter into a contract for the replacement of the Elevator with personnel on their own.