You will need
  • - candy;
  • packaging decorative paper;
  • - satin or wrapping a colored ribbon;
  • - Scotch;
  • - scissors;
  • - sponge or foam;
  • - toothpicks or kebab sticks;
  • - a basket or pot of small size.
Take wrapping paper is different, harmonizing with each other colors. Make the workpiece, which are the new wrappers squares measuring 15x15 cm (depending on the candy size may vary). Buy the sweets that loves the future owner of the gift, and wrap each of them, and this can be done in different ways.
A piece of candy decorate on top of the factory shims in the traditional option. To do this, put the candy in the middle of the blank, wrap and twist the ends of the fancy wrapper, but only on one side. On the other hand, insert a toothpick or small kebab stick (blunt end to candy), screw on it the second edge of the wrapper and fix it with tape. Then tie it in place or wrapping satin ribbon. The resulting bow will give each "flower" is not only elegant appearance, but also additional fixation on a stick.
Another part of the candy wrap on the principle of "Chupa Chups". In the middle of the wrapper-blanks put candy, then gather all the edges, carefully insert a stick and attach the resulting "flower". Tie a bow of colored ribbon under the candy and fold the edges of the wrapper.
The third part of the candy can be Packed somewhat differently. To do this, the wrappers of wrapping paper with a size of 20x10 cm Fold it into a cone, starting from the middle of the long side of wrapper, then secure the edges with tape. Attach candy to the cone, gather the loose edge of the paper, insert the wand and fix the next "flower". Under the candy also a bow tie.
To assemble a bouquet in a single unit, take a sponge or piece of foam. With scissors give it the rounded look with a lengthening of the bottom (to fix the overall wrapper). Now paste in the sponge obtained flowers, alternating by type of manufacture. After finishing to form a sweet bouquet, decorate the sheet of wrapping paper and tie a bow.
No less interesting looks for the option in which already decorated the bouquet is embedded in a beautiful little pot or wicker basket. Home-made sweet the song can be decorated with greenery, streamers, small Souvenirs. To mark a valid bouquet to sprinkle gold, silver or colored hairspray.