To change the rate of value added tax in the program "1C: Accounting" version 8, open edit the account policy settings of the enterprise. If you are still using version 7 of the software, go to menu "Reference" and look for "Constants". Select, respectively, para VAT, change it, confirm the operation and check the new rates for receive and ship positions, as well as various documents dealing with this tax.
If for any reason the tax rate on value added can not be changed in the program "1C:Accounting", check the settings of accounting policies and the other items that this change affects. If it be not revealed any inconsistency or conflict, please contact technical support or call the specialists in this program for Troubleshooting a malfunction.
If you notice, they do not work in the program "1C:Accounting", sign up for special courses of training that are held in almost every city. To increase knowledge of automation systems of accounting in the company is also required periodically to update their knowledge as the release of software updates, in addition, also need to be aware of the changes in the legislation on accounting.
Don't forget to read the attached update of the program information and sign up at special forums of accountants and programmers 1C, it will help you not only to receive timely assistance from users of the resource, but also to expand the General knowledge in this field. Try not to ignore the advice of other users regarding a particular problem with the use of 1C software.