You will need
  • - ticket;
  • - baggage check;
  • - payment of the fee for Luggage storage;
  • - statement to the head station (for transporting Luggage).
You can take your Luggage before you leave or in advance. The residents of large cities, where there are several railway stations, one should bear in mind that to deliver the goods on that station, where the train will depart. In order to do this, submit a ticket, fill Luggageing the receipt and pay the fee for storage. To take the Luggage conveniently in advance, because the loading is not directly before sending, and he came with bags five minutes before departure, you risk not to find a guide.
According to the law, your Luggage can weigh directly into the station. You can also prepare it in advance, weigh bags in the weight and bring loading help. In addition, you yourself can call the weight of the Explorer Luggagetion of the car and hope that he'll believe you. If the conductor will not tend to believe in the word, you will have to pay a weight of 50 kilograms – that this value is "default" for the Luggageand an unspecified weight.
If you plan to bring Luggage from the train, agree about it with the conductor and the ticket cashier. Also, try to pre-arrange the maximum number of papers (especially if you plan to carry things cargoLuggageohms), so you don't have to fill them right before sending the train.
In the carriage of cargobaggageand you will need to write a letter to the head of the station, in which specify the name of the Luggageand its weight, number of seats, rod packing, destination, surname, name, patronymic and contact information of the sender and recipient, as well as the desired notification method for the recipient.
Once complete a receipt in which you will get your Luggage. Enter your surname, name, patronymic, passport data. It must be done in order to give you time to get the Luggage at your station, you will only have to put in the receipt signature. After Parking in some places is only a couple of minutes.