Advice 1: How to make improvement suggestions

Innovation – the proposed new specific by technique or technology to reduce the consumption of materials, time, or effort for the manufacture of a product, parts, products. Rationalization proposals then become the standards and the basis for making adjustments to the working documentation. To make rationalization proposals, in accordance with the laws necessary in order to establish a right of performers in them.
How to make improvement suggestions
Earlier rationalization proposals are processed and recorded centrally, but in 1991 it was issued a Decree of the Council of Ministers "On measures on development of invention and rationalization activity in the RSFSR", in which it was found that businesses and organizations can independently determine the order of processing innovations.
Develop local regulation for your company in the form of a standard, regulation or the instructions and approve "the Rules and procedure of filling, processing and use of innovations". By order of the Director, create the Council for RACproposalsm, assign its composition and obligate order to gather and consider innovative proposals once a quarter.
By regulation determine the composition of the package of documents that must be submitted with the application. The application is made in the model interdepartmental form number P-1 Approved by the CSB from 18.08.76 No. 681.
Mandatory documents to be submitted along with the application for rationalization proposal, take economic calculation proving savings in time, money and materials. Economic calculation must be the executor, but it have to be visa verified it expert – the chief economist of the enterprise or the employee of economic Department, whose duties, according to the order, must be happy holding such examinations.
Approved by the head of the company "Rules and order filling, processing and use of innovations" determine the right premium payment for the introduction of rationalization proposals. It can be expressed in percent to the annual economic effect or to be determined as a fixed amount for different quantitative ranges of the economy. This will provide an incentive to employees and motivate them to develop and design new innovations.

Advice 2: How to make the act of introducing

The act of introduction is a document that confirms that presented by the author in her thesis, master's thesis, or the arguments and proposals applicable to scientific and practical activities of the organization. In this article, will be considered the procedure of drawing up of act implementation in profit and non-profit organizations not engaged in the provision of educational services.
How to make the act of introducing
Prepare the heading of the act:
- the following information about the organization (full name, INN, OGRN, location address, contact telephone and other information, if necessary);
- stamped date and reference number of the document;
below these data, the center write "act on the implementation of the results of dissertation research".
Make the content of the act:
- specify data on the person that suggested its development;
- write down the name of diploma, master's or dissertation work, which was carried out the study;
- enumerated the main positive effects of the introduction of the author's development (increased productivity, minimized costs, etc.);
- added information about the documents that can certify that the proposed graduate student (dissertation) development were directly applied in the organization in the resolution of certain problems (such documents, there may be instructions, orders, signing commissions, etc.).
Signed the act of the head of the organization (or other upolnomochennogo in accordance with the constituent documents of the organization entity), and stamped on the seal of the company.
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