You will need
  • - filled out information about themselves;
  • - friends;
  • - friend, who is not registered on the site.
  • mobile phone;
  • - online wallet.
The more information about yourself you provide, the higher you will have a rating. Most increase the rating a fully filled-in personal information – 20%, these schools will also give you 20% (and these school and work place are valued much higher than the UNIVERSITY), a noted favorite places – 10% and contact information – 10%. The more items you are currently filled, the higher your status "Vkontakte". Be sure to put on your avatar photo – she will provide you with as many as 25% of the rating.
Despite the widespread use of social media, surely you have friends who are not registered on the site. In that case, if they sign up "Vkontakte"using your invitation, you will receive 25% of their rating. For this you need to send them a link to register, which will contain your id, fill in the information about yourself and upload a photo.
Of course, your rating will increase if your friends will give their votes for you. However, it will help to improve the ratingand then, if you will vote for friends, because your ratingwill be added at a small percentage of the votes cast. Actively vote for yourself, and your friends will want to thank you for it.
Of course, will increase the rating of "Vkontakte" it is possible for a fee. For this you will need to send an SMS message to the indicated server room, with the result that you get from three to ten votes, depending on the amount you spent on SMS. Then you can spend the voices for the higher rating.
To pay for the voice not only via mobile but also through the transfer of money. For this you need a purse Webmoney, Yandex money, PayPal or any other. Earning votes this way will be cheaper than sending SMS.