You will need
  • thermos;
  • - izolon;
  • - polyurethane foam;
  • - rubber.
Remove the glass bulb from a household thermos. Carefully inspect it from all sides, if there are chipped and damaged, this product can not be repaired, and for your own sake throw away the thermos.
If the glass bulb is not damaged, wrap it with izolon and attach a strong string or tape. Insert the bulb into the housing, replace the insulation elastic band, tighten the ring. Updated the thermos can hold heat for a couple of hours.
In a thermos flask examine the external parts. Maybe it's the sealing gum on the bottom of the tube. Try to replace it by cutting from the piece rubber ring and install onto the tube. Or replace the cap on the other, made of cork, which can be taken from the old thermos, or you can find at the hardware store.
In the process of improper use or use in a metal thermos flask microcracks through which the depressurization of the vessel. In this case, fix a thermos possible with the help of foam. Disconnect the bottom of the case, fill the empty space with foam and collect the thermos.
If you find the damaged bulb, then contact the specialists of refrigeration, to repair the thermos without special tools you can't. Using a vacuum pump you will restore the insulation. The location of the leak will sapat by welding on a stainless metal.
If the result of the impact damaged the hull, fix a thermos possible with the help of liquefied gas. Contact the service center where you will delicately remove all of the dents, and at the same time Polish localization.
Themselves to recover the body of the thermos you can use tools. Disconnect the bulb from the housing. Dents on the inner side prostuchite a hammer, it will be enough that the case and the bulb is not in contact. Join the parts of a thermos.