Advice 1: How to fix thermos

Thermos, whatever it was good, sooner or later ceases to keep warm. This happens due to the depressurization of the space under the flask, which was originally a vacuum or rarefied air. You can experiment and try to fix the thermos, but there is no guarantee that this event will be successful.
How to fix thermos
You will need
  • thermos;
  • - izolon;
  • - polyurethane foam;
  • - rubber.
Remove the glass bulb from a household thermos. Carefully inspect it from all sides, if there are chipped and damaged, this product can not be repaired, and for your own sake throw away the thermos.
If the glass bulb is not damaged, wrap it with izolon and attach a strong string or tape. Insert the bulb into the housing, replace the insulation elastic band, tighten the ring. Updated the thermos can hold heat for a couple of hours.
In a thermos flask examine the external parts. Maybe it's the sealing gum on the bottom of the tube. Try to replace it by cutting from the piece rubber ring and install onto the tube. Or replace the cap on the other, made of cork, which can be taken from the old thermos, or you can find at the hardware store.
In the process of improper use or use in a metal thermos flask microcracks through which the depressurization of the vessel. In this case, fix a thermos possible with the help of foam. Disconnect the bottom of the case, fill the empty space with foam and collect the thermos.
If you find the damaged bulb, then contact the specialists of refrigeration, to repair the thermos without special tools you can't. Using a vacuum pump you will restore the insulation. The location of the leak will sapat by welding on a stainless metal.
If the result of the impact damaged the hull, fix a thermos possible with the help of liquefied gas. Contact the service center where you will delicately remove all of the dents, and at the same time Polish localization.
Themselves to recover the body of the thermos you can use tools. Disconnect the bulb from the housing. Dents on the inner side prostuchite a hammer, it will be enough that the case and the bulb is not in contact. Join the parts of a thermos.
Useful advice
To a flask lasts a long time, do not pour boiling water up to the lid. The bulb would not expand under the high temperature and this will prevent the appearance of microcracks.

Advice 2: How to fix monitor

The failure monitor is always a very unpleasant surprise, because working on the computer without a monitor is impossible, a spare monitor at hand is quite rare, and as a repair in the service center and replacement of the monitor is rather expensive and occupies a lot of precious time processes.

Naturally, each user a little familiar with the device of electronic equipment and knows how to hold a soldering iron and a screwdriver, there is a desire to repair the monitor yourself.

  1. If the monitor does not turn on, not even lights up an indicator light (usually located near the power button or directly on it), the problem is likely related to a breach of monitor's power. Consistently check voltage in the socket, which is connected to the monitor (you can check plug a regular Desk lamp), the efficiency of the power cable (you can check by unplugging the power cord from the monitor and connecting with it by using another device, such as a system unit), the cable is securely connected to the monitor (perhaps a faulty contact and cable you just need to insert more tightly). If all these measures do not help, you have to carefully open the casing of the monitor and check the power supply.

  2. If the monitor turns on but no picture, the reason may not be in the monitor and the computer video card or the monitor connection from the graphics card. Check whether the interface is connected the monitor cable to the graphics card securely inserted into the jacks on both ends of the cable. Try to connect your computer to another monitor. If it works then the problem is your monitor, if not — probably a faulty video card.

  3. If the monitor turns on but the picture is distorted or from time to time appears and disappears, then the cause may be in electronic "stuffing" of the monitor. Carefully unpack the monitor and inspect the electronic components. If there are elements with "swollen" or bloated body, meet burnt contacts or circuit boards, that is probably the cause of the malfunctioning of the monitor in this try to replace the failed electronic elements on new.

Remember that in any case the most reliable way to fix the monitor to contact a qualified service center.

Advice 3: How to fix a gas stove

Modern man cannot do without the stove in the kitchen. Gas stove in almost every household. Sometimes it happens that it breaks. But with some types of damage you will be able to cope in their own home.
How to fix a gas stove
If any burners on your stove unevenly lit, or unlit, it is likely that its channels appeared blockages that need to be addressed. To check channels for obstructions, you must turn off all the taps of the gas supply. Then try to remove gently from the bottom of the fastening plate and lift them up. Below the hob must be a partition. Get her. Then you need to turn on the oven. Notice the burner flames. If it is the length of the burners will vary, it means that debris clogged up the individual channels. Turn off the oven. Wait for a while until the burner has cooled. After that, clean the channels with a thin needle.
Often fails element piezo-ignition. To fix this problem you need to turn off the stove. In the same way as in the first step, to remove the partition. Loosen the igniter and do a thorough inspection. If you find it cracked or various other defects, then replace it with a new one. Before making a replacement, make sure that the control module-ignition is disabled. Now we need to test the repaired plate.
If the door of the gas stove is jammed, or is it only, then you need to do the following. Not fully Unscrew the screws that attach the door directly to the plate. Try a little, wiggle it in different directions, so it is stronger sit down on the loop. Now you can re-tighten the bolts. Look tight now fits now the door to the stove. To check this, you can insert a plain sheet of paper between the gasket and the top edge of the plate. The gasket should tightly press the sheet.
If in the oven, you must replace the gasket to new one, proceed as follows. Turn off the gas, then slide from the wall plate. Gaskets need to Unscrew and then remove. Slightly Unscrew on the back panel bolts. Then, shaking gas stove, partially, move them from the body. Through these actions, the strip will detach from the liner and mounting of the housing. It remains only to put in a new gasket.
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