You will need
  • paper;
  • pencil.
Carefully consider the structure of the body of a Fox. If you are not able to go to the zoo and to make a sketch, locate the video with the animal on the Internet. Remember the characteristics of a beast – an elongated sharp muzzle, more delicate than the wolf, figure, bushy tail.
Think about what position you want to portray kyubi. To convey the power and greatness, you can draw his full face, the point of view of the artist should be just below the head kuby.
Draw the chest and widely spaced front feet. The proportions of this Fox can distort, making the legs longer. Draw the right side of the animal. It needs to be twice shorter legs. The back line down, the line of the abdomen near the hind legs will zakruglenie. Thomas hind legs with a real copy of the prototype, also increase their length.
From the base of the neck kyubi to the tips of his ears measure a distance equal to the length of the body. This space is split in half. On the bottom half of the draw the neck of the Fox. It should be hairy like a mane of a lion. The upper half split into three equal segments. On the top draw wide pointed ears kyubi in the form of triangles. Expression draw on your own – you can draw a grinning mouth, or closed.
A distinctive feature of this character – nine-tails. Draw them curvy, rapaciously curved exaggeratedly large.
Paint the drawing. Find in Internet a picture of a Fox standing in the same pose. Paint kyubi taking into account the distribution of light in this perspective. First, fill in with color the most illuminated areas, then add shadows, painting the volume. To show the texture of the coat, wait until dry fill paint. Then draw the individual fibers of watercolor pencils.
To emphasize the power of the character, you draw exaggerated muscles. Their location and form can be copied from images of muscles of any animal with a similar body structure.