Initially, you must determine whether the sending of spam or she received from a familiar source.
By spam in the email Inbox, and hence the personal computer can get virus programs, hackers, spyware, or simply unnecessary is of a different nature. If you are sure that the email is spam then to open it is not recommended. You can mark it (put a check mark in the box next to the email header) and click on the button "This is spam". The site administration will receive information on spam submissions, and a letter will disappear from the Inbox. But, if you post information with address of your electronic mailbox on unprotected pages on the Internet, it is possible that this will lead to the repeated emergence of spam emails in your Inbox.
If a letter is received from a trusted source, but you want to unsubscribe from this mailing, please click on an active hyperlink in the body of the email "Unsubscribe from newsletters". Often this is enough to emails from this site come to your address. In some cases, the text of the letter-mailing does not contain the phrase "If you want to unsubscribe from the mailing...". Then you can go to the website, from which you received this letter. Log in "Personal account" and remove "tick" the option "Yes, I want to receive emails about...". In case of such a mention in the "Personal Cabinet" no need to contact the site administration with a request to exclude yourself from the list of addresses for the newsletter. If despite the above steps, unwanted emails continue to arrive in your e-mail address must be in the settings box go to the tab "blacklist" and specify there the source from which we receive messages.
If the email newsletter you received from your provider's electronic mail services, directly in the text of the next line, you must find the phrase "to Abandon a distribution", click on the hyperlink, and confirmed his refusal, to be sure that such letters will no longer arrive in your email Inbox.