First of all, you need to define the purpose of the analysis. Usually a ABC analysis is carried out with the purpose of increase of efficiency of use of resources of the company, be it customer base, the range or providers.
Having defined the objective, spells out specific actions according to the results of the analysis: the fact that the company is planning to make with those obtained by this method with results.
After that select the object for analysis, and the parameter is the sign by which you are going to analyze. A typical object ABC analysis – product group. Parameter for its measurement and description will serve as the sales, turnover, income and some other criteria.
Make a list of the analyzed objects, indicating the value of its parameter. Then sort the objects by descending values of the parameter.
Calculate the concentration parameter of each object from the total amount. It is convenient to use a share cumulative total – this is calculated by adding another parameter to the sum of the previous.
Select among the objects of groups A, B and C. group A will include objects that have percentages of 80%, in group B - 15%, and in group - 5%.
Do the same with all parameters which can describe the object. As a result of the ABC analysis are obtained is very telling data that shows which resources give the company the greatest benefit.