It is easier and safer thing would be to give your lady what she wants. If a girl is silent as the guerrilla, and not sighs, walking past the store with the decorations, try to gently find out what she wanted. For this purpose, for example, can play "truth or dare", and ask what would be the ideal gifts.
Listen to the words of your lady. Maybe she's already ten times told you that I would like the collector's edition of the cartoon "My little pony" and you thought it was stupid and threw away immediately out of my head.
The gift does not have to be material. Give your girl a ticket to visit the Spa, exercise dance or photo shoot. It will be original and nesesito.
It is believed that a gift on the Day of all lovers must necessarily be romantic. Do not rush to buy plush puppies and balloons in the shape of a heart, because you can come up with something more interesting. Give the girl a live butterfly, run to the sky Chinese lantern.
If you do not niggle – give a woman a star! For this you will need to register in the online shop ordering and you will receive a certificate stating that the name of your favorite girl named shining point in the distant corner of the galaxy.
Perfume and lingerie – is a risky gift. To give such things is that if you have a stable and lasting relationship. When choosing a perfume, think about if you heard the smell on someone you know. And God forbid you make a mistake with the size of the linen. For the inattentive of men will be much safer to give the girl the certificate where it can buy what she likes.