To know the validity of this program, read the law № 214 "On participation in shared construction of apartment buildings and other real estate objects". It detailed all of the rights equity shareholders and the responsibilities of the developer. To avoid any risks, you need to navigate the legal issues of shared construction.
If you decide that this program is suitable for you and you are willing to invest the necessary amount of money in the program shared construction, study of local regional supply of construction companies. By selecting some of the most suitable, please contact the office of the Builder.
Before you sign the contract and Deposit money, make sure the company has all necessary permissions and documents for construction. Namely registration of ownership of or lease land, building permit, published a project Declaration. To attract investments of shareholders at the zero stage of construction is illegal, so the developer should be required to provide this list of documents.
The next step is to check all of the items offered for signing the contract. It is desirable to show the contract to an experienced lawyer. The more precise the contract is, the less risk of misunderstandings you would expect in the future. Pay particular attention to the paragraph of warranties and liability for failure to perform obligations of the developer. In addition, the contract must specify the value of the object, the procedure and term of payment, term of completion and commissioning, a precise definition is subject to completion.
After signing the contract, do not rush to make money. Always wait for the entry the signed agreement into the state register. This will protect you from fraud by the Builder that potentially on one and the same object to sign some contracts.
Pay to the official account of the company, save receipts and wait for a new home. Paying regular contributions, be interested in construction work, it happens at the facility and watch the process of building a house.