You will need
  • computer;
  • - Internet;
  • phone.
Try to implement in the energy sector. If you have an economist or technologist in engineering, you will have the chances to get in the company TGC-14, which combines all the Chita industrial enterprises. Call the personnel Department and it appeals to their desire. Your application will be considered, and may be invited for an interview.
Arrange work as an engineer on a train, if you have the appropriate education. The fact that Chita is a major centre located on the TRANS-Siberian railway. Therefore, it is not surprising that such jobs as machinist, assistant machinist, an electrician, a Manager is always in demand in this region. But keep in mind that you can take only if you have some experience in this area.
Consider the option of earning as a teacher in one of the universities or schools of Chita. If you have a good knowledge in a certain field (music, foreign languages, engineering, medicine, management of natural resources), then you have the opportunity to work in the school. In Chita there are dozens of professional lyceums, colleges, universities and schools who need always a good. Send the documents to the chosen institution.
Advertise on the Internet. If you still don't know exactly what organization you want to work, but you have a degree and experience make a statement on the world wide web. Place as many ads on job search in Chita at a special free boards. Provide contact information and wait for the backlash from potential employers.
Earn a living as a freelancer. If a company cheats you have not found a suitable place, then you have always the possibility to connect to the Internet and work through the network. It can be writing or translating articles, creating websites, or training other people what you know well.