It is possible that when Windows fades to the welcome screen and automatically installs the classic logon. While trying to return to the old method of loading a message appears: "Service client for NetWare fulfilled disable the welcome screen..." and suggested to disable this service.
Go to "control Panel" and expand the "Network connections". Call drop down menu right click the mouse on the icon "local area Connection". Choose the command "Properties" in the section "Components...", select "Client for NetWare" and click Uninstall.
If no such item, it must be added. Click "Install". In the window "Select network component" default active "Client." Use the "Add" button. In the new window, confirm your selection, press OK.
Go to the tab "General" the window "local area Connection", move the cursor to "Client for NetWare" and uninstall it.
If you try to add a client , the message "you Cannot add the requested component...", use Win+R to call the string "Open" and type the command services.msc. In the right window pane of the "Services (local)" snap-in, locate the "DCOM server process launcher" and "Remote procedure call (RPC)".
The contents of the columns "Status" and "startup Type" should be "Works" and "Auto". If the snap-in is disabled, click the right mouse button, in the drop down menu choose the option "Properties". In the "General" tab click "start" and set the startup type to "Auto".
If this does not work, use the program AutoRuns to find in the system the NetWare items and delete them. Download from the developer's site the program and run. In the Publisher column look for the name Novell. Hover over the element is found the cursor, press the right mouse button and select the context menu Delete.