To prevent the interference of the antivirus, it is necessary either to add the program to the exceptions list, or temporarily disable the protection.
The sequence of actions when you temporarily disable anti-virus programs of different manufacturers vary, but they have similar General principles. Some applications of this kind can be deactivated by selecting the appropriate item from the context menu of the program icon in the notification area of the taskbar. To find out whether this option in your version of anti-virus, find its icon in the lower right corner of the screen - in the system tray and click it with the right mouse button. POPs up a menu, look for the desired item. It can be formulated in different ways- for example, the Nod 32 is the string "Disable virus protection".
If you disable the antivirus protection in the context menu of the tray icon, find it in the full interface of the program. Open it by double-clicking on the same icon in the notification area. Some applications - for example, Dr.Web before providing access controls require you to enter special code "captcha". In the opened control panel and look for antivirus settings - if it's a program for comprehensive protection of computer, the interface presented in addition to antivirus and other its elements (e.g., firewall). For example, in AVG Internet Security you need to click on the icon Anti-Virus in the main window of the interface. Then find a checkbox or dropdown list that contains the command disable. AVG Internet Security is a checkbox labelled "Enable Resident Shield" box it should be removed.
Instead temporarily turn off the antivirus you can use the operating system in safe mode - under this option, the download starts only a minimal set of system programs needed for the operation of the OS. Drivers antivirus in the list of favorites not included. To use this method, open the main menu of the OS and initiate the system restart. When a new cycle will start loading, press F8 and in the list of boot options, select one of the types of safe mode.