You will need
  • Acrylic paint for different type of work.
Acrylic paints for construction and repair works are sold in DIY stores.
Calculate the surface area of the walls you want to cover with paint. On cans of paint, read the instructions carefully, in there is the paint consumption on meter of the surface. The paint on the wall, apply by brush or roller. While the paint is fresh, it is easily removed with water. After drying the paint can be removed with special solvents.
Acrylic paint cover the facades of buildings. It is resistant to bright light and protects the wall from rain and wind.
Acrylic paint for decorative crafts are sold in special stores for creativity or departments to a specific theme.
Determine what surface you need to paint.

Acrylic paints are available for painting products from salt dough, cardboard, plastics, wood. Paint can either be diluted with water or thickened with a special thickening agent. The color of the coating after drying becomes darker.
Acrylic paint for painting pottery and ceramics are fixed without placing the product in the oven. The product can be washed with dishwashing detergent and a sponge without the rough layer.
Acrylic fabric paint is suitable for painting things that will wear off hands.
Acrylic paint for glass applied on degreased glass surface, do not fade in the sun.
Acrylic paints are used in painting and sold in art supply stores.
Dilute acrylic paint to your required state. When working in oil painting acrylic paint has the advantage: it is more durable and does not crack. If you work in watercolor technique you need to consider that acrylic paint is not washed away with the layering.