Method of restoring cast iron bathtubs enamel by attracting affordable price. For starters, get a special enamel. And then with a brush manually cover it a bath.
Apply enamel top – sides down, to the bottom, so you minimize the possible damage. You can use a roller, but the enamel consumption will increase slightly. Do not try to fill from the first time, it is possible to apply several layers. After a bath do not use within three days. During this time it should be dry.
Following the way of restoration with a dusty and time-consuming. It is a method called "cheating". It is used if the cast iron is chipped and deep cracks. Find old sheet and have a large amount of unnecessary papers. The essence of the method is as follows: by pouring the liquid stakril instantly fill all voids and depressions, the surface of the bath at the same lines. Bathtub can be used after about four days. Compared with the previous method, this method provides perfect smoothness of the surface of the bath and extends its lifespan for a longer period of time.
And finally, the third method is the restoration of the surface of a cast iron bath using acrylic liner that is a solid acrylic. You can hear another name of this method, namely "tub in tub", because the essence of this method is that a liner from a solid acrylic is put on the tub on top, and then attached to its sides. But first you need to make this liner, making pre-measurements of the bath.
Using any of the above methods can be a long time to return a cast iron bath to its original form. But, it is important to comply with all terms of the care of the restored bathroom. In this case, the enamel will last another ten years. It should be noted that the restoration of cast iron baths is a guarantee of its long service, and reasonable savings. And if your choice did you stop on the white enamel, it will be especially noticeable novelty and purity of your updated bath.