The first thing you, as a child, needs to understand is that parents are very vulnerable and vulnerable people. They might offend any of your thoughtless word, rudeness and smile. So try to avoid such symptoms, be careful with them.
As you know, children in a sense are a reflection of their parents, but parents as well do the mirror, unconsciously copying the actions of their child. Therefore, if you want to educate your loved ones patience, mutual respect, trust and honesty, themselves act in the same way: be patient and respectful to them, trust and stay honest in any situation.
Stop to prove anything to his parent, to defend their rights and freedom in all that is possible. For example, you want to go to the other, but the mother for one reason or another prevents you. It is not necessary to shout that it's your life, and you have the right to dispose of it. In response, you will face either with the same despotic reaction, or tears.
Instead of rolling scenes learn to speak. Any misunderstanding can allow an open and relaxed conversation that will lead to a positive outcome, but will give you both a valuable lesson for the future. Parents will see you adult and wise man and unconsciously begin to behave the same.
Learn to take the place of their parents. When you get it, you will realize that not only do you have the global intractable problems, but they have other. Over time, your loved ones, feeling the support and understanding that you will be able to see the world through your eyes, learn to respect you and listen.
Don't be afraid to defend their position and their opinion. But the semantic part is that you don't always need to do exactly in a crisis and turning points, when a response cannot be avoided. Correctly will gradually announce their life views, inserting these little lessons for parents in everyday activities.
And the main idea is that we need to learn together. To be eligible to teach someone, you have to be very old enough and Mature personality. In short, educating parents, don't forget to educate yourself.