You will need
  • knife;
  • - saw for drywall;
  • - putty;
  • - cardboard;
  • - plywood;
  • - screws;
  • reinforcing tape.
Before to close up the hole in the drywall, remove the cause where it appeared the damaged areas. If it got wet, wait until dry.
With a knife or drywall saw to remove all loose fitting or hanging part of the plate. If necessary loosen the screws near the damaged site. When the hole size is not more than 5-10 cm, apply a layer of putty in several layers.
For holes of larger size is required a patch of drywall. Tape measure measure the extreme size of the hole. Cut out the damaged part, giving the hole a triangular or rectangular shape.
On a piece of scrap drywall to make a patch of the desired shape, the perimeter of which is 5 cm more than. With a knife cut the rear part of the cardboard patch. Remove it and the whole cast. On the front side of the plate to leave just the cardboard.
On damaged drywall, make a cut with a knife around the triangle or rectangle. Front will only have to remove the cardboard.
With a spatula apply on the edge of the damaged sheetrock and patches, a thin layer of the gypsum mixture. Apply the patch to the hole and press it in. It should be on the same level with a damaged place. After drying, apply another layer of plaster mixture.
To fix a big hole in gipsokartona, cut out a stencil of a rectangular shape out of cardboard. Its size should be slightly larger than the area of damage. Attaching the stencil to the hole, draw around its outline with a pencil.
A saw or knife to cut a hole in the drywall at the contour lines of the stencil.
Make from plywood strips with the width from 3cm to 7 cm, length 10 cm longer than the size of the hole.
The strips are put on the hole and attach the back side of the drywall screws.
Make a patch of unnecessary drywall the size of the stencil. Attach it with screws to the plywood strips. The patch should be flush with the repaired surface.
Around the hole, apply a thin layer of putty. The reinforcing tape is put on the joint of the patch, pressing into the putty.
Apply a thin layer of putty. After drying, wipe with a damp sponge or scrub the surface with sandpaper.