You will need
    • For the halva:
    • 100 g of butter;
    • a Cup of flour;
    • a Cup of sugar;
    • Cup of any chopped nuts;
    • 2 cups of water;
    • a teaspoon of vanilla.
    • For baklava:
    • 2 cups flour;
    • 1\2 Cup of milk;
    • Cup melted butter;
    • 1 egg;
    • 1 egg yolk;
    • 20 g of compressed yeast;
    • 200 g walnuts;
    • a Cup of powdered sugar;
    • 80 g of honey;
    • cardamom (pinch);
    • salt.
    • For Chuck-Chuck:
    • 1 kg of flour;
    • 10 eggs;
    • 100 ml of milk;
    • 20 g of sugar;
    • 30 g of salt;
    • 0.5 liters of cooking oil;
    • 1 kg of honey;
    • 150-200 g of sugar for decoration;
    • 100 g drops.
Alvalade in a pan of water and add the sugar. Put on fire, boil until the sugar is dissolved and boil for five more minutes. Put in a deep pan the butter and melt it. Add the flour and chopped nuts. Fry them in oil until light brown, stirring constantly and constantly rubbing with a spoon. Watch, to avoid lumps. Pour fried flour, nuts, sugar syrup and cook until the consistency of thick cream. Then remove from heat, add vanilla and mix thoroughly. Dish or form grease with oil, put it in the paste and let cool.
Polyvanadate milk, salt and dilute the yeast in it. Beat the egg, add a little oil, flour and knead not very steep dough. Cover it with a clean towel and put about forty minutes in a warm place. Clean the nuts and mince. Then add the honey, icing sugar and cardamom. Mix everything carefully. Roll out dough fourteen-sixteen of thin cakes. Grease a baking sheet with oil and place it in three layers, brushing each with oil. Next, lay out the cakes, sandwiching each second nut filling. The last three layers, watering with oil, leave without filling. Whisk the egg yolk, brush over the baklava and carefully cut diamonds. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and put it in a tray of baklava for thirty minutes. The finished dish remove from oven and pour remaining melted butter.
Chuck-caculate in a deep container of milk, add eggs, sugar, salt. Mix well, stir in the flour and knead soft dough. Divide it into pieces of 100 grams, create the flagella in a centimeter thick. Then cut them into balls the size of a pine nut. Fry them in oil, stirring constantly. The finished balls will be yellow in color. Add the honey sugar and boil them together in a separate pan. When flowing down a trickle of a drop of honey after cooling becomes a brittle, boiling will stop. Fold the fried balls in a wide bowl or on a dish, pour honey and mix well. Put ready chak-chak on a tray or a clean plate and with wet hands give it the desired shape. This can be cone, star, pyramid, etc. Decorate the top of the colored drops.