You will need
  • - the book of fairy tales with colorful illustrations;
  • - hats-masks of the heroes of fairy tales.
Show your child 2-3 years old book of fairy tales with colorful illustrations. This is because creative thinking the baby is not yet well developed. At this age, children listen to and understand stories about animals: wild and domestic. Stories that happen to them in the product, similar to the life stories of ordinary people, so the child can easily picture yourself as a participant of this tale.
Explain this analogy to the child. Imagine the role of the characters of himself and his friends. Fabulous and unusual becomes only what choices are made by animals.
Offer the kid to play in the tale along with you wearing a cap-a mask of the character. Let the child himself will choose to itself the role. When you play a role, please note the child on what he now received, "like the wolf in the tale". And sometimes in life that he does?
Associate the tale with reality. Remember together when children do the same as fairy stories. Ivan drank water from a hoof (from the pool) and became a kid. And what man can become if it is dirty the water you drink or lift and eat messy food on the street? Tell us what each story has a teaching, warning and even punishment.
Tell your child of 4-5 years, that fairy tales are the dreams of the people about the good, beautiful, successful life. In adults as well as children don't have everything in life, so people invent "fairy helpers": the flying carpet, seven-League boots. Dreams help to achieve the desired, so now there are real planes, trains and cars that allows people to move quickly. A dream about the baby?
Compose together the tale of his dream by analogy with the tale that the child will like. Draw this tale to a few scene images, sign beneath the text.
Select the part of the tale, which has educational value, and demonstrate to your child that tale is thetale, of how to act in difficult situations. For example, in the tale "Sivka-burka" show your child why Ivan managed to catch the thief and his brothers – no. He had not slept, was sitting on the stone, watched as his brothers fell asleep and never saw the thief. Patience, the will and to obtain the valuable reward it is possible not only in a fairy tale.