You will need
  • - Acronis True Image.
First, you need to create an image of diskwhere is located your operating system. For this you will need Acronis True Image. The program is paid. But there is a trial period of its use. Download the app from the Internet and install on the hard disk of the computer. After the installation, restart the computer.
Start Acronis True Image. In the program menu select "Create bootable disk". According to the wizard prompts to create the boot disk. You can then proceed to the procedure to create an image of your system disk. Click "Create archive" and specify your system disk. After completing this procedure, you will create a zipped file.
After this you need to prepare the partition to be deployed operating system. This section should be completely clean. You'll need to format it.
Then insert the bootable diskyou created in the beginning, into the optical drive of the computer. Then restart the PC. Immediately after the system starts to run, press the F8 key. So you get into a BOOT menu. Sometimes the key can be other alternatives, more about this you can read the manual to your motherboard. In this menu select your drive and press Enter. After a few seconds, press any key. The drive is activated.
Then select True, and then "Restore data" "Restore data from archive". Choose the archive that was created earlier. Then you can select the partition to recover the operating system. Wait for operation to complete transfer of files. After that the computer restarts. Wait until the system has fully loaded. Thus, it will be restored on another diskE. the Old operating system files you can delete.