You will need
  • 1. album sheet;
  • 2.paints, pencils, markers;
  • 3. a simple pencil, eraser;
  • 4. nail Polish with glitter.
Decide for what occasion the card is intended. Think of what it should be. It must be something simple, but interesting and reflects the theme of the holiday. For example, on a Christmas postcard, you can draw the snowman on the postcard on 8 March - bouquet of flowers on a postcard to Valentine's Day - heart.
Take the album sheet (it is better to take a piece from album for drawing - there is a denser paper), fold it in half. On one half draw a simple pencil invented earlier story. Try to place it in the center, leave room for labels. Top or bottom write something congratulatory (e.g., "Congratulations, darling!")
Take a brush, dip it in paint and stonerose pale color the entire surface of the card. Wait until the paint dries. Then paint your drawing with watercolors, pencils or markers. Draw the inscription more clearly, better markers. Open the card and draw beautiful frames, which will be your signature. Nail Polish add Shine in some places at its discretion.
Wait until the card is dry. Open it and sign it. A successful holiday!