You will need
  • two direct loop;
  • - yarn of medium thickness.
Learn how to count the number of loops required to vyvazhivanija strap. Your task is to collect a number of the thread handles, in which knitted the plank will begin to gather in an Assembly (typed too many stitches!) or to pull the edge of the item (loops are not enough!).
Try to type of yarn average thickness hinges for simple straight strips. On the transverse edge of the shelves or back pull on the lower loop of each loop. For this, insert the needle under the edge of the wall, grab the working thread and pull a neat arc.
Guided by a series of edge loops, if you type hinges for the straps on the longitudinal edge of the product. For accuracy, divide the edge into sections about 1 cm long - each segment must be at 4 in the edge series.
Every centimeter of the edge of knitted fabric, you should call for 3 loops. Please note: the walls of the edge loops need to capture completely!
Tie the front surface of the bar to the desired height and then close the loop of the last row. In any case do not tighten past the loops too tight, so as not to deform the bar!
In place of the clasp don't forget to make holes for the buttons. For each close 2-3 loop (depending on the size of the buttons). In the subsequent row over the resulting hole to dial the same number of loops and continue.
Practice in the implementation of the original patterned strap. Looks good product, with the edges of the so-called "rice" (or "pearl pattern"). In order to achieve small "kropotovo" relief must be in the front row to carry gum 1x1 (alternating front and back loops).
In the next row purl over knit facial loops, and over front – back. Continue to shift the pattern on the sample.