You will need
    • electric or gas tandoor;
    • For pellet from a simple yeast dough:
    • 1 kg of flour;
    • 2 cups of water;
    • 1 tsp salt;
    • 25 g sesame seeds;
    • 30 ml of cottonseed oil;
    • 30 g of yeast.
Bake a simple cake (Obi-non), designed for home use, from simple yeast dough. Heat two cups of water, dissolve it in a teaspoon of salt. Take an enamel bowl, dissolve yeast in small amount of salted water, take wheat flour first or higher grade.
Pour the flour into a basin in parts, vimosewa and again adding water and flour. Knead the dough until smooth, cover the bowl with a cloth, wrap the top with a blanket, leave in a warm place for three to four hours. During this time, you need two or three times to press down the dough to besiege hands and again cover and leave to ferment. Soak in the cotton oil, sesame seeds
Put the dough on the table, divide it into pieces two or two hundred and fifty grams, roll from them balls, put the balls next and cover with a napkin. Roll them in pellet with a thickness of half an inch in the middle and two inches around the edges. In the center of tortillas make nakoly (or a special instrument called cecic or fork). Formed pellet cover with a towel.
Let the cakes rasstoyatsya for fifteen to twenty minutes. Brush each loaf with cottonseed oil with sesame seeds. Bring the temperature in the tandoor up to 300oC, then slightly reduce the heat, put on cotton hand glove, lay a glove pellet back side up, sprinkle her with salt water, stick to the hot wall, cleave a few pieces, increase the heat and sprinkle them with water, and bake three to four minutes.
Separate the pellet from the walls of the oven with a slotted spoon, pick up the hand protected long cotton MITT.
Bake cakes in a gas oven: rakalite her to 300oC, grease the pan with vegetable oil, put in it the finished pellet, spray them with salt water, place baking sheet on top shelf of oven, bake for about five minutes.