You will need
  • forming machine;
  • - fibreboard;
  • - silicone;
  • template;
  • - gas burner;
  • construction Hairdryer.
To give the desired shape tube is made of polystyrene pre-manufactured frame made of fibreboard. Collect the form, in accordance with the length of the pipe and its diameter. After fitting the rims carefully apply it with sandpaper.
Molding machine manufacture of silicone shell for the plastic part. She will need to secure the tube on the rim and surface protection of plastic against scratches, chips and dents.
Insert the plastic pipe into the shell. Secure the item in the frame of hardboard. Place the entire design on the moulding machine. After heating the plastic will soften and begin to okazyvatsya to the frame. The product will take the necessary curved shape. Wait about ten minutes before they could release the pipe. Now the product can be removed from the mandrel and leave to cool.
In the absence of molding machines use a heat gun or gas burner. Pre-fabricated template that will match the shape of the future bent tube. It is desirable to avoid bending the plastic with sharp turns, so the template should have a smooth curve across its surface.
Mark the bend pipe. Move the heating device in place of the intended bend. In doing so, ensure the distance from the source of high temperature to the products was not too small to prevent ignition of the plastic.
Continuing to work on the pipe with a Hairdryer or torch, slowly roll the tube along the axis. When plastic becomes soft and pliable, place it on a prepared template and bend, bringing the bend to the desired angle. Comply with patience and accuracy, not to get tear of the product. Hold the curved pipe in the template to until it cools off. The hardened plastic off of the template and use as directed.