The thing is that the apartment is a standard project. But suburban homeownership more personalized in terms of the legislative framework and constructive solutions.
If you decide to buy the mortgage vacation home, choose a credit-financial institution. Collect the documents and leave the application in the Bank.
The Bank when considering the loan for buying house, drew attention to the fact, what material is the Foundation and load-bearing walls. Choosing between wooden house and a brick, should give preference to the second option. It is believed that more liquid is the house of bricks or blocks is built on underground foundations.
Liquidity throughout the term of the loan is the main requirement of the Bank against the estate of any type. The house needs to have all communications to be in good condition, have year-round access road. The house should have the opportunity to live all year round. Only be considered property situated in the village with a developed infrastructure.
The right of land ownership is another important point to consider when getting a mortgage. An essential requirement of the Bank is the borrower or members of his family ownership of the land. The earth should have the status of settlements, in addition, it should be earmarked for individual housing construction.
As can be seen, to satisfy the Bank's requirements is extremely difficult. And, if you buy a private house on mortgage in the secondary market of real estate is still possible, in the primary real estate market is almost impossible. The need to review the legal and construction risks is one of the main difficulties. If the Bank deems that the risk is high, he will deny you.
To obtain a mortgage for the purchase of a country house, you must provide a cadastral plan of the land plot and technical passport of the house. Also require documents of title to the property and the cadastral passport. Attach to the documents a certificate about the inventory value of a country house, a report from an accredited independent appraiser with information about the rating of a country house.
You will need to provide the original of an extract from the Unified State Register of Rights to immovable property and transactions with it.
In addition to the above documents, you must confirm their ability to pay, bringing to the Bank a certificate in form № 2-NDFL.
Important and the experience on last place of work - not less than 3 months, and the organization should work not less than 2 years. It should be noted that the Bank would require you and other documents.
The initial payment on the mortgage for the purchase of a private home is different from the payment for buying an apartment. It is 40-60% of the collateral value of land or real estate. In this case, the collateral is already available to your property.