Most often, the menu selecting the operating system annoying to the user not the fact of its existence, and the need to press Enter or wait 30 seconds before booting the system. Having two OS on the computer is convenient and useful, it is not recommended to disable the menu. Wise to change the timeout from 30 seconds to two or three. This is enough to select, if necessary, the second operating system.
If you are running Windows XP, open "start – control Panel – System – Advanced". In the section "startup and recovery" click "Settings". In the list of operating systems select download default. If default loads the right OS, nothing choose.
In that case, if you still want to disable the boot menu, remove the bird next to "Display list of operating systems". Save the changes by pressing "OK" after restarting the system will immediately boot the default OS.
You can leave the menu (highly recommended), but to change the time display list of operating systems – just set the field line after the "Display list of operating systems" that suits you. For example, three seconds. This option is convenient because if you encounter problems booting the primary OS you can always boot from the backup, save your important files or to rebuild or reinstallation of the host operating system.
If you are using Windows 7, just right click the "Computer" icon on the desktop, selecting "Properties", then "Additional parameters of system", "Advanced" tab. Remove the bird with the string "Display list of operating systems". Confirm your choice by pressing "OK".