Advice 1: How to connect two of the Sata hard drive

For an increase in the permanent memory of the computer is recommended to connect an additional hard drive. The choice of hard drive depends on the characteristics of the motherboard of the PC.
How to connect two of the Sata hard drive
You will need
  • - Controller IDE SATA;
  • connector USB-SATA.
Turn off the computer, disconnect the system unit from the AC mains. Open the enclosure of the unit. Usually required to remove only the left wall. This will allow you to access to all necessary elements of the PC. If you have two hard drives format SATA, you will need some connectors on the motherboard and special cables. Install both the hard disk in a special compartment and secure them with screws. Make sure that the hard drives are not loose.
Connect both hard drive to the system Board, use SATA cables. To simplify further settings synchronous operation of the drives connect to the SATA1 port of the hard disk on which you will install the operating system.
Connect the power to both the winchesters. To do this, use the cables coming from the power supply of the computer. If the unit has only one SATA cable, then buy a special adapter. It is necessary to connect the IDE cable with a SATA hard drive.
If your motherboard has no SATA ports at all, then buy a special controller that allows you to connect SATA hard drives. With its help, connect hard drives to the motherboard. In this case, you must use the IDE-channels. They represent the wider multi-channel connector.
If you are not able to connect two of the SATA controller to IDE ports, use a USB adapter SATA. In this case, through this controller you need to connect the hard drive which is not installed operating systems. The probability is that this hard disk will be determined only after loading the operating system.
Useful advice
Sometimes it makes more sense to buy an IDE hard drive, than to use the controller to connect SATA drives.

Advice 2: How to connect sata-Winchester

Connect the SATA disk to a personal computer takes less than 10 minutes. With the knowledge of all things, to connect a hard drive can be much faster.
How to connect sata-Winchester
You will need
  • Set the SATA disk, computer.
The main characteristics of the disks:

- The SATA cable has the same connectors. One connector leads to the motherboard, the second directly to the hard drive. Improper connection of SATA-disks is an impossible operation;

SATA drives do not have the presence of a jumper connection is very simple.
In order to connect a SATA disk, you must:

find the appropriate connector on the motherboard;

- connect a jumper cable;

to connect with the hard disk;

- connect the power cable to the hard drive (you'll need a special cable supplied with the hard drive). Sometimes comes with the adapter.
In order for your operating system can see the new disk, you must set the operating mode of the disk.
Close the cover of the system unit, if it was open, and move to the power supply.
Turn on the system unit when the computer boots, press the Delete button.
The screen displays the BIOS Setup – go to the selection tab of the options installed devices – enable SATA mode.
When you install any operating system requires an additional driver for your drive. However, some versions of operating systems are already equipped with such drivers.
When installing the hard disk with the installed operating system, drivers load into the system after turning on the computer and the appearance of the welcome screen.
Sometimes it happens that you are advised to buy in store hard drive format SATA, but your motherboard does not support it. In this case, you need to purchase a PCI-Board for commutation of the hard disk in your system unit.
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