Print at the top of the document: "Payment order". Next, check its serial number. In that case, if you have a ready form of order, then the specialist of the savings Bank alone will put the ordinal number of the document immediately after you give him the completed form. This sample of the payment order you can print from the website of the savings Bank or take it to the right Department.
Specify the date of registration of the payment order. From this point on will be a certain reference time that is specifically allotted for this payment (this period may last up to 10 days).
Select the type of payment. To do this, write the word "electronic". Then enter the amount of money which you want to translate. First fill its numeric value and then completely describe it in parentheses.
Complete the main area of the payment document, which should include all necessary information (details of the sender and receiver of a specified money transfer). Record the following data: the name of the enterprise, his CAT, was, name and BIC of Bank, the numbers of correspondent and settlement accounts.
Note the order of payment. It should correspond to the Civil code of Russia. Typically, this field is the digit 6, which would mean that the payment should be made according to the calendar queue.
Specify the type of operation. If you have letterhead are the numbers 01, they do not need to change. Because they mean special code that is assigned to a specific type of payment documents (payment orders).
Select the payment (list the name of works, goods or services, record number, dates of relevant contracts or other documents).
Sign your name, and then give full instruction to the authorized person (employee of the savings Bank) to verify the specified data in the document. Make the money necessary for transfer through the operating Bank.