As a rule, cost includes the cost of servicesI. add up the sum of expenses for one kind of servicesI. for Example, you want to calculate the cost of the procedure when eyelash extensions for one person.
First, determine the price for a single set of black eyelashes, for example, it is equal to 4000 rubles. Now you need to know the volume of packaging and the number of lashes that are used for one client. For example, the package volume is 4,000 lashes, and the lashes of consumption per person is 100 pieces.
Now the amount of packaging divide by its volume and multiply by the number of lashes, going to one client. For example, 4,000 rubles / 4000 lashes * lashes 100 = 100 rubles (the price spent eyelashes on each client).
Usually eyelashes "sit" on the glue, which also costs money. For example, its value is equal to 3500 roubles. The package volume is 5 ml, the flow rate for each client – 0,200 ml to calculate the amount of glue spent per client, you need the cost of the package divided by the total volume and multiply by the amount of glue spent on one client: 3500 rubles / 5 ml * 0,200 ml = 140 rubles.
When building is in use and disposable brushes. For example, a package worth 500 rubles, it includes 50 brushes. Each client gets one thing. Calculate the cost of brushes on each client as follows: 500 rubles / 50 pieces * 1 piece = 10 rubles.
Also when scaling is used medical adhesive tape, which costs 400 rubles. Package size is 6 meters, each customer on average spends 10 cm, 400 rubles / 600 cm * 10 cm = 6.7 rubles.
Summarize. To do this, add up all the costs that you incurred in the provision of servicesand: 100 rubles 140 rubles + 10 rubles + 6,7 rubles = 256,7 rubles for each client. This number will be the cost of servicesI.