It may happen that the money is not there, and you need to find at least 1000. It's not such a big sum, it was impossible to find quickly.


The easiest way to get money is to take them on loan. In debt can give relatives, friends, neighbors. However, to lend money no one likes, and if you often take a loan, there is a risk to stumble on failure. If borrowed – return at the agreed time or even earlier, then next time you'll trust with no hesitation and so much more.


Now there are many so-called microfinance institutions. They are happy to lend the money from 1000 to 50,000 rubles (this amount varies by region) for a short time. However, we need a positive credit history and no delinquencies. In addition, MFIs fairly high rate of interest, so if we take a loan, you must repay the loan.

Loans in the network

The Internet has many resources where it is possible to take a small amount of money. However, here the interest is even higher than in MFIs. It and is clear – the owners are taking a big risk. If you need money, not more than a week or two, you can get a loan of 1000 rubles.

Job with daily payment

You can get a temporary job, where the pay is daily. You can get an advance from the head. If you like him, he can trust you with a amount of size 1000. Working as a waiter suggests tipping, so you can get in there and get your money without waiting for payroll. You can also search for other types of salaried work where you can earn money in a day or two: wash, washing glass, cleaning of carpets, courier service, distribution of leaflets and flyers.

To earn online

This small amount of money you can earn online writing or creating websites, unless, of course, there are certain skills. In the presence of a literary talent can I earn 1000 in a day or two. This is probably the best option. Because then the money will not have to return, and even with interest. Where better to earn the money yourself than to take them from someone in debt.

Pass the bottle

You can collect glass bottles and turning them in. Not such a bad way. But we must remember that this niche is maybe busy with other collectors who have money more than you. They have divided the city into zones, the boundaries of which try not to break. Be careful.