You will need
  • The Program Easy Recovery Professional.
After deleting important files make sure to check in the "Basket". Most of the users initially used the method of incomplete removal of the information. If the shopping Cart files are missing, then immediately proceed to data recovery. Download software Easy Recovery Professional and install it. Restart the computer and open the program window. Remember that the installation must be performed on the local disk from which you will not recover the information.
In the quick access menu select "Restore". In the new menu, click on the option "Deleted files". After the appearance of the list of partitions of the hard drive, select the one which was recently removed. Activate the "Deep scan", set the checkbox next to the appropriate text boxes.
Select in the field "file Filter" item Image Documents. All of the formats leave only *.bmp and *.jpg. That is usually what is used on the camera when saving the images. Click "Next" and wait for scanning a specified partition of the hard drive.
After its completion, the list of files ready to restore. In the left window menu that appears, select the checkboxes of the files that you want to keep. If you are unsure, then select the individual file, and then click "Preview". Similarly define the other required files.
After selecting all the files to be recovered, click "Save". Select the local drive and folder in which to restore the information. Click "Next". Restart the computer and check the recovered photos.