You will need
  • - personal computer;
  • program Microangelo
Open "My computer". Find the section "Service". Open it and select "folder options". Go to "file Types". Next on the list find the field "Device", scrolling through it a bit. Click under the "Advanced" button. This opens a window where will be written on the top "Change icon". Click on it and change. To save the changes, click OK. Then restart the computer.
To change the icons as well as icons and cursors, you can use Microangelo. Download it online and install it on your computer. It works quickly. In the context menu there will be a point - Appearence. Go into it and select the icon. Change save to have it changed. To make drive icons on the desktop as follows. Right-click the mouse on an empty place. Click on the tab "Properties". Opens the settings window. Select the tab called "desktop". Click on "customize desktop". A window will open where you can change any icons.
Run MicroGerakL. On the Toolbar, locate the image with the drive. Click on it. You will see a window titled "Changing icons in drives". There will be a column "Disk". Select the disk image you want to change. Hit him with an arrow. Opens the "Icon" (Icons). Click, which will be three dots and says "Browse". Open the folder with the new icons for disk. What you'll like, open. If you are ready, click "Change". The icon of the disk will change. If changes did not happen, click the right mouse button and select "Refresh". Unable to restart the computer. In addition, this program allows you to use for changing those icons that have been uploaded to the Internet. For this we need to add them to the folder Icons, and then use it to change.