Antivirus programs from time to time determine as the malicious software is completely innocent and desired user file. This is especially true when you install new apps, also threat can be recognized some files to run games. If you are sure that install or launch your files do not contain threats, is disabled at the time an antivirus on their computer.
Icon active antivirus program is usually reflected in the notification area of the "taskbar" (at the bottom right of the screen where the clock is located). If you do not see the icon of your antivirus, expand the notification area by clicking on the button with the arrows pointing to the right on the "taskbar". If the "task Bar" is hidden, press the Windows key on the keyboard.
Click on the icon for your antivirus program, right-click and check the items drop-down menu. When antivirus is enabled, in menu marker is opposite the appropriate item ("Enabled", "Enabled", Enabled, Active, On, and so on). Remove a token from this item by clicking on it with the left mouse button.
In rare cases, in the drop down menu does not contain commands to deactivate antivirus. Then you have two options: either disable means that is responsible for blocking dangerous programs and viruses, or disable the antivirus application. In the first case, go to the settings of your antivirus program and put the desired component in the Disabled state (for example, AVG antivirus is a component Resident Shield).
In the second case, click the icon for the antivirus, right-click and select menu "Exit" (Exit). If not, close the application using "task Manager". Enter on the keyboard the Ctrl, Alt and Del, in the window "Manager" tab "Processes", locate the process of anti-virus, select it with the left mouse button and click "End process".