You will need
  • computer;
  • - administrator rights.
In order to disable self-protection this antivirus software, you need to make some adjustments in the program. Tray locate the icon for the program.Web and click the right button of the mouse. Select the menu "self-Defense". The program will display a dialog asking you for the digits that will be displayed next in a slightly distorted form. Enter the numbers; it is a guarantee that no virus interferes with the operation of the program.
Click start, click Run, and type regedit to start registry editor. Hit enter and wait for the editor window. Click on the branch HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services DwProt, sequentially expanding the folders by clicking the left mouse button on the button control in the form of tiny advantages. Make the value of Start is 4. For this click right mouse button (the value is on the right side of the registry editor window) and select "Edit".
It is also worth noting that working in the registry of the computer greatly affects the whole system, so try to do everything right to avoid any further problems. Then restart the computer. Self-defense this time will not be activated. In order to bring back the enable self-defense Dr.Web when the computer is booted, set the same Start parameter is equal to 0. This protection component is embedded in a program not in vain, therefore, not worth the extra time to turn it off.
If you really want to protect your computer from various malicious programs, you should not disable this module. Just don't pay attention to him and subsequently you simply won't notice. As practice shows, people quickly get used to changes in computer graphics and software.