You will need
  • - documents of the employee;
  • - job description of the employee;
  • - agreement on the establishment of the test;
  • - blank order form T-8;
  • - the form of the notice;
  • - documents of the enterprise;
  • - seal of the organization;
  • - The labour Code of the Russian Federation.
Probationary period the employer is entitled to set re-entered the work to a specialist only when you reconcile with him. At the conclusion of the employment contract shall notify the employee about it. While passing the test should instruct the employee of the job in accordance with job responsibilities and the performance of locking in the corresponding document, which shall be the immediate supervisor of the subject.
If you thought that the results of the test period the technician is not right for you, write his name on the notice. In the header of the document enter the name of your company in accordance with the Charter or other constituent document or the surname, name, patronymic of a physical person in accordance with passport, military card or other identity document, if the OPF of the company is a sole proprietorship.
Give the notification a reference number and the actual date of its compilation. To dismiss the test is only possible during the probation period. The notice should be written three days before the end of the test. If in the additional agreement to the employment contract specified the period from 1 December to 17 December, the latter should be considered on December 17. If 1 Dec to 17 Dec, then dismissed the subject can 16 Dec.
Contact the person by name and patronymic. Recalling article 71 of the Labor Code, write the facts, which showed that he showed poor test results. Systematic delays with further reprimands and disciplinary action, nonfulfillment of the head should be indicated in this list. Notification-the employee must put his signature on both copies, one to return to the employer, the second to keep.
Make a order of dismissal, form T-8. Assign the date and number. Familiarize the employee with the document. He should put his signature and date of review. Sign the order signed by the Director or other authorized person, seal of the company.
Make a note in the personal card of the expert, make a note-the calculation on form T-61 where you enter the amount of cash that put him over the execution of labour function.
In the labor book of the employee enter the serial number of the record, the date of termination. The information about the job provide a link to the article 71 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation, in the grounds – the date and number of order of dismissal. Sign the account signature of the person responsible for recording, maintaining, and storing work-books, company seal. Familiarize yourself with the employee record. He needs to put his signature.