You will need
  • a Desk, preferably with a crossbar (or stool under the feet);
  • - chair;
  • - stand books.
When buying furniture, focus on the following indicators: if the growth of the child - 110-119 cm, height of table and chair should be 52 and 32 cm respectively; if the child's height 120-129 cm, height of Desk and chair should be 57 and 35 cm; if the child is above 130 cm but less than 140 cm, he will need a Desk and chair with a height of 62 and 38 cm; the growth of 140-149 cm required table height and chair 67 and 41 see similarly, you can calculate the height of the workplace and for taller children.
Also keep in mind that for lessons convenient table, which is 2-3 cm above the elbow of the child standing beside him. If there are no special rails, it is desirable to put under the feet of the sitting bench. The child's legs should be bent at a right or obtuse angle. Between the Desk and the chest of a child should be free to take his hand.
Please note that the school desks, the surface is often tilted. It facilitates the work of the eye. If the house to do is not possible, let the child lay on the surface of the table support for textbooks under an angle of 30-40 degrees.