It is better to choose a rectangular model. Quite topical today are models with curves or corner tables, but unfortunately, they may not always be well thought out, and humans have to adapt to them, which can have a negative impact on health. For children it threatens to spoiled posture, back pain and neck.
Table sizes will also be of great importance. Please note on the countertop. It should be spacious, the place should suffice not only on paper, notebooks, books and other school supplies, but also to work comfortably, do not hurt hands.
Should give up on supers and various types of shelves. The moment, the most important when choosing a table for children who are learning in school, as the student, you need the right lighting, and the shelves can create extra shade and even the feeling of the closed space.
One of the most important facts when choosing a Desk height. According to GOST, "Production of furniture production" is from 63 to 67 inches, for tables intended for other types of work in a sitting position, she can be from 70 to 75 centimeters. To Desk lasts a long time and did not bring discomfort, it is important to consider individual characteristics.