You will need
  • - charcoal;
  • paper napkins;
  • - ground sheet;
  • loam;
  • - sand;
  • - expanded clay.
Cuttings used for propagation of forms of cacti, derived as a result of selection, since the young plants, sprouted from seed could not inherit all the characteristics of the variety. Besides, this way you can save a rotting cactus, cutting off and will plant its top. Cut the cuttings are recommended in the spring or early summer.
Cut the stalk from the plant perpendicular to its axis. This can be done with a sharp knife, wiping the blade with alcohol. If you cut off the top with rotting plants, separate all damaged areas to healthy tissue. Before you make the last cut, again with alcohol wipe the blade of a knife.
Some growers engaged in cultivation of cactuses, it is recommended to grind the cut of the cutting at an angle of forty-five degrees on all sides without damaging the Central cylinder. After drying the surface of the slice will not be drawn into the plant and does not form a hole, which is normally derived mold.
Dry plant material in two to three days, spreading the cuttings slices to the sun. You can powder the slices powdered charcoal.
Once the slices are dry, place the cuttings in a container, placing them vertically on a layer of slightly crumpled tissue paper. Capacity with plants put in a well lit area. Different species of cacti require different amount of time for sprouting of roots. This process can take from two weeks to six months.
There is a way of rooting cacti over the container of water. To root cuttings in this way, pour water in a shallow container and attach a lid with a hole. Over the hole, place the dried stalk of the cactus so that it does not touch the water. Cover the container with handle transparent lid and place in a warm, well-lighted place.
The cuttings have roots, can be seated in separate pots. To do this, place the pots in the drain and pour over it a mixture of parts of leaf, parts loam and two parts washed river sand. To the mixture is recommended to add crushed charcoal.
The cuttings should be planted into the soil so that the ground was only the roots. Plant after planting will be in a rather precarious position, but this can be corrected. Put in pot with handle top drainage and fix the cactus upright with large granules. As the top of the drainage you can use the hot water washed the clay pebbles.